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Parvis Sainte-Gudule, 5 1000 Brussels, Belgium

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Belgium’s first ever Makers Startup Weekend is here – bringing the Maker’s Movement to the Capital of Europe, at CO.STATION!

The maker culture is a contemporary subculture representing a technology-based extension of DIY (Do It Yourself) culture. All of us are Makers, we make our world!

You too, can be a Maker! Whatever your background, you can become a Maker and a Startup Weekend Maker is an excellent place to start. You will have access to 3D printers, laser cutters and open source hardware at CO.STATION to prototype your idea.

You will:

  • Pitch your idea (if you want to; its an open stage format)
  • Form a team around an idea and make it real
  • Get grilled and coached by some of the toughest industry experts
  • Present to a panel of expert judges and win amazing prizes
  • Get a starters kit with basic hardware to be used in prototyping
  • 50-75 EUR budget per team to get any additional things needed for your prototype
  • Test the limits of sleeplessness 😉

This will be the 1st event of its kind in Belgium where the local startup ecosystem will join in for a three day marathon of co-creation, making and growth-hacking!

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May 8
  • Arrival at CO.STATION
  • Registration + Dinner
  • Opening Ceremony
  • Pitches Start
  • Voting
  • Idea Selection + Team Formation
  • Working Time


May 9
  • Breakfast
  • Working Time
  • Lunch
  • Working Time
  • Coach Meetings
  • Dinner
  • Working Time


May 10
  • Breakfast
  • Working Time
  • Lunch
  • Coach Meetings
  • Presentation Prep & Tech Check
  • Closing Ceremony
  • Judging & Awards
  • Dinner & Networking
Platinum Sponsors

Cédric Donck

Cédric Donck is an experienced entrepreneur, who launched various start-ups in the internet and communication sector. He also sold some of these start-ups to major international communication groups, such as Omnicom and WPP. Since 2011, he is a professional Business Angel and has invested in a dozen internet companies in Brussels, Paris and Madagascar. He is also a professor of Entrepreneurship at Solvay Business School, UBI and ISCAM, where he teaches business modeling, startup strategy and SME financing. He also founded two NGO’s (NewcoPark and Adanso), active in promoting entrepreneurship in Africa. He is the author of the book 'Pimento Map' which presents a straight forward method to analyze Business Models.


Tom Collins


After Tom received a first with honours and awards for his graduate exhibition on "The Convergence of Cloud Computing, Smart Devices & the Internet of Things", he went on to co-found AllThingsTalk and the SmartLiving project, assuming a jack-of-all-trades role spanning architecture, DevOps, full stack and mobile development. Tom's latest mission is to support startups and organisations through the IoT Methodology, sharing toolkits, design patterns and lessons for building IoT solutions.

Carl Danneels


Carl is a Lean Startup coach, helping Start-ups and Organizations to become leaner in their Innovation & Improvement efforts, leading to more effective results. He is driving the Lean Startup Circle BXL (640+ members) and Lean Startup Flanders (100 members) and is a startup mentor at VOKA (Bryo) and the Founder Institute.

Wesly Jacobs


Through years of academic research and entrepreneurship, Wesly gained advanced knowledge of both the economical and technical aspects of the Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing industry. Currently, Wesly is continuing this research while establishing his 3D Printing start-up PrintPlace. When coaching other start-ups, Wesly stresses the importance of basing business models on thorough research rather than hypothetical decisions, on interaction with the end user, on prototyping and, most importantly, on seeing beyond the hype.

Deepak Mehta


Converting his passion for 3D Printing and Innovation into a career, Deepak Mehta is the co-founder of 3Dee NV, mayor of the 3DHubs in Antwerp, and organiser of TEDxYouth@Flanders. Deepak Mehta is empowering people with the 3D Design skills needed to make an impact is his mission. This started at home with his own son but grew to more people over the last 5 years. With his experience, Deepak is ideally situated to guide people to leverage the new way of rapid design using digital fabrication tools.

Paul Bertels


Paul is a Performance Consultant, helping organisations and start up’s on their growth track consistently achieving targets. Focused on Customer Service levels & Operational Excellence. By streamlining the organisation and defining and also implementing pragmatic itself supporting control systems in a real Learning Organisation. Result driven operational manager with respect for the human factor: customers & workforce

Ronald Vanschoren


Ronald is a freelance technology consultant and entrepreneur with strong experience in embedded systems and mechatronics. As CTO of Fx-Motion he played a key role in creating the industry-changing camera robotics systems that are now widely used in leading news broadcast studios of BBC, n-tv (RTL), VRT, VTM, and more. After Fx-Motion was acquired by Ross Video, Ronald founded Screvle, an embedded hardware and software platform used for creating industrial measurement and automation tools.

Selma Franssen


Selma Franssen works as a communications strategist for socio-cultural NGO's, including Digital Leadership Institute, and is a journalist. Communicating complex ideas in a fast digital world is her obsession. Selma is passionate about encouraging women to develop tech skills that can launch or improve their career and to break free from traditional career structures.

Arthur Sedyn


Arthur graduated from architecture since June 2013, having completed a Masters at the Faculty achitecture The camber - Horta in Brussels. He started his business with a friend, Ferdinand Van Campenhout in September 2013 and perfectes his laser technique every day with their magic tool.

Quentin Richelle


Quentin is a business major at Solvay Brussels School and has always been passionated by new technologies. He is working for Xtensys, the main distributor of small and medium 3D printers in Belgium. His deep understanding of 3D printing products will help participants to prototype their ideas in the best conditions.

Steve Dewindt


Steve Dewindt (46) is an entrepreneur pur sang. After being a successful Belgian wholesaler/distributor he moved to San Diego in 2008 where he discovered additive manufacturing. The potential of 3D printing was a clear-cut case to him. When he returned to Belgium in the summer of 2013, Steve partnered up with Jean Louis Potten to create techswap3D

Rosanna Kurrer


Rosanna’s background is in Architectural Engineering. She has written a computer program simulating various modes of heat transfer through building elements and varying materials, impacting heat load calculations of engineers. She is now active in teaching and formulating curricula for teaching computer programming classes specifically targeting girls, and is currently building a community of girl coders called the g-Hive at the Digital Leadership Institute.

Emmanuelle Mather


With no less than 20 years of professional experience in FMCG, Emmanuelle Mather is used to responsibilities at top-management positions, with an expertise in Sales and Marketing. Along her international career in 6 different countries, she had the opportunity to give numerous Marketing Presentations of product launches across the globe, motivational speeches for salesforces, addressing journalists at press conferences, presenting concepts to potential customers, negotiating with potential buyers, pitching a new brand concept and writing new corporate Mission & Vision statements. All this experience has given this passionate storyteller a clear view on how to give impactful speeches. And how to avoid presentation disasters.
She also plays theater and enjoys being on stage as an actress.
With her highly-professional presentation style, she captivates audiences with an aim to inspire with innovative communication ideas. She strives to re-energize and inspire people to think differently.


Simon Castex


Simon is in charge of strategy and project management at Productize. With 10-years experience in the telecoms and media industry, he is specialized in innovation strategy, project management, product development, and go to market.

Omar Mohout


Omar builds repeatable, scalable customer acquisition engines for born-on-the-web companies. He is the author of books concerning Lean Marketing and Pricing, and is a mentor at accelerator programs such as Microsoft Innovation center and Idealabs. He also acts as a keynote speaker at various conferences such as WebTomorrow, Solvay Business school, Google campus and more. He likes to build web based products, figuring out the business model, pricing and go-to-market strategy, and writing articles about the tech & startup landscape in Belgium.

Cheryl Miller


Cheryl Miller is CEO of Zen Digital Europe and Founder of the Digital Leadership Institute, a Brussels-based, international NGO with a mission to bridge the gender gap and digital divide worldwide.

 Cheryl possesses an International MBA from the prestigious MIBS program at the Moore Business School, and a BS in International Politics from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service. She is a serial social entrepreneur with 20+ years of international experience in the tech and ICT sectors, and her work on entrepreneurship and education, youth and female leadership, and gender equality - particularly in STEM fields - has been recognised by the United Nations, European Parliament and European Commission. Cheryl is regularly engaged as expert advisor, speaker and moderator at high-profile tech, innovation and entrepreneurship events around the world.

Wim Tobback


Wim wants to live in a world filled with innovative people, extremely enthusiastic entrepreneurs (because I’m one of them) and of course his fantastic wife and two (also extremely enthusiastic) kids. As a “Java/IBM techie guy” with more than 12 years of experience, he worked solely for the Cronos Group. Gradually, he transformed from a techie guy to an enthusiastic entrepreneur. Today he’s co-founder of Optis and founder of Craftworkz - A startup for startups. Please run, don’t walk to have a look at and see how he can help you.

Joost Damad


He lives and breathes technology, having more than 16 years experience as an engineer. Joost is specialized in hardware prototyping, and masters the art of circuit boards, chips, and functional programming.

Alok Nandi


Working at Architempo on strategy, innovation, design, concept development and creative direction, Alok b. Nandi is also busy with interactive narrative, exhibitions, media art, mise-en-scène and storytelling. International speaker in conferences, incl. PechaKucha, TEDx. Conference Chair Interaction14 in Amsterdam. Board Director at IxDA, Interaction Design Association []. Founder/emcee of PechaKucha Brussels. Writings on cinema, new media, food design. Prior to his activities as creative entrepreneur (film, publishing, exhibitions, events), he began at Procter & Gamble (brand management) and was head of new media for Casterman and groupe Flammarion. Studies combine electromechanical engineering (Ecole Polytechnique ULB), management (Solvay VUB) and film studies (Philo et Lettres ELICIT, ULB).

Ali Sohail
Jasper Goyvaerts
Rustam Baratov
Elena Tosheva
Paulo Rosa
Askim Kintziger
Dimitri Pirnay
Sacha Waedemon
Simon Van Lierde
Nimkit Lepcha
Wessel Kooyman
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